Are you frustrated, and yet excited? Are you overworked, and yet bursting with ideas? Are you exhausted, and yet energetic? (Okay, “energetic” is perhaps a little strong but you get my drift).

As a female founder working to scale your company, you feel all these emotions and more.

The Dream = A Nightmare

As a female founder, you dream or plan for the moment when you have just enough adoption to look at scaling for growth.

Then comes the exciting part–creating a digital sales strategy that delivers the results you want. Right?

Scaling your firm is like scaling a wall. A couple of moves up the wall go well; they’re easy. And then you come to a difficult spot. Where to put your hand? Your feet? The fear of falling (and failing) is scary…almost more than you can bear.

Pretty soon, scaling your sales efforts, which began as your dream, has now become a nightmare.

The path to success for driving leads and revenue is paved with too many lessons learned. Does it HAVE to be painful to drive your lead generation efforts and attract your target audience?

What strategies and tools can you count on to do the work…while you get sleep that is critical to you being effective as a leader?

Women in Growth Stage Tech

On September 13th, 2017, Women in Growth Stage Tech is hosting S caling Through Digital Sales Strategies . This interactive event is meant to take out the guesswork and to make scaling your firm your dream again, instead of a nightmare.

Our speaker and panel moderator Reva Minkoff, founder and CEO of D igitial4Startups , will work with our panel of experts to share digital sales strategies that you can use immediately.

Why Scale with Digital Sales Strategies?

Digital sales is a general term for contacting and pitching to possible clients through virtual avenues like email, social media platforms and website content.

As female tech founders, you have heard of the phrase, but have you examined strategies to increase your digital sales? You should. Jason Robinson summarized today’s sales climate when he titled an article Digital Sales: Adapt or Die .

And the paragraph below about trends for inside sales (or reps who sell remotely) describes why digital sales are crucial in 2017.

Customers are more comfortable than ever accessing buying information digitally, over the telephone or through video chat applications. Even businesses that sell big ticket B2B products, and huge companies that have traditionally favored “face time” when closing a deal, are adopting the fully digital approach. – Tim Pickard, 10 Predictions for the Future of Inside Sales

Simply put, people and businesses like buying digitally. That is no surprise to you because you probably purchased an item (or many) online or over the phone in the last week. The Amazon box you just opened is a telltale sign!

The Bottom Line…

We know many customers prefer a digital sales approach, and we want to scale our companies by gaining more customers. Therefore, it makes sense that we develop or strengthen digital sales strategies.

One of the scariest things about a nightmare is the feeling of being alone…no one there to help ward off the evil creatures (or doubt, questions and pitfalls that we female founders face).

But, there’s good news for Chicago. In the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report developed by Startup Genome, Chicago, which reported 34%, was ranked 1 for the number of female founders. And in an article on about scaling a company successfully, Katherine Barr encourages founders to “build your network before you need it.” She furthers, “The team you build outside your company is also critical in your success [when scaling] and can make or break the company at pivotal moments.”

My point here…join us on September 13th. There’s no reason to go it alone.

This blog written by Rachel Eubanks and Lynn Miller.