Women CEOs in HR Tech are in the News! Cheers to four of the more than 60 women CEOs in HR Tech from our list who were featured in the April issue of The Atlantic. The context for this particular article is the treatment of women in Silicon Valley as technology leaders and as female founders who initiated lawsuits against VC’s who were biased in their funding decisions.

From the list of CEOs and founders we created, Blendoor, Unitive, Interviewing.io, GapJumpers, and Textio were acknowledged in The Atlantic for providing platforms and apps that focused on unconsious bias. At the same time, Atipica, Glassbreakers, Laborx, Landit, Skillscout, Teamable, and Stemmed were not included and deserved mention.

The research we did around funding shows that women founders are receiving significantly less than an equitable amounts of funding (see the infographic below) in an already crowded market where over 800 HR Tech startups were funded in the last two years. While we now estimate there are closer to 70 women-founded HR Tech companies, this infographic cites 58–an indication of how quickly the market is changing.

Cracking the code around what makes female CEOs and founders successful and how to build on their success, will be critical in 2017 and over the next several years.

Our actionable next step from this research and interviews, is the formation of a Women CEOs in Growth Stage Tech think tank event taking place in Chicago. During this event, women CEOs and founders will collaborate with experts, investors, and advisors to develop an expanded set of strategies and tools to fuel their growth. We custom-designed this event to address two major challenges that were discovered during interviews with more than 30 female CEOs and/or founders of growth stage HR Tech companies:

1. Moving efficiently and effectively to attract and engage decision makers who are budgeting billions of dollars to modernize legacy HR Technology between now and 2020.

2. Shortening the learning curve on predictable ways to accelerate time-to-market and pace of growth.

To learn more about potential opportunities to participate in this group, please email me at lynn@lemadvisorygp.com.

HR Tech Buyers of the Future

We want to hear from you! Please tell us what would be helpful for you to learn about these female founders and their companies. What you might be interested to know is that they are on the fast-track to growth, and committed to building sustainable, scalable, high-performing companies. What we also want you to know is that Women in Growth Stage Tech Think Tank will continue to collaborate with them each stage of growth.

To all the women CEOs, founders, VC’s, and investors in technology whom I meet every week, I will conclude with a quote from Leah Busque-Founder, CEO of TaskRabbit shared this during a speech last year,



“You may feel compelled to keep this beast hidden in your closet; you may not even dare to whisper the crazy ambitions of this outrageous animal. But if it makes you uncomfortable, you’re on the right track. If people think you’re crazy, unrealistic, or too ambitious, that’s when you know you are aiming high enough.”