Women in Growth Stage Tech is an organization you can count on to support you and help you accelerate your success


Growth Stage Tech is a vibrant community of women and men with a strong and reliable network of experienced owners and advisors with experience in strengthening the women-owned business opportunity.  

Being a member of Growth Stage Tech means an oportunity to gain a competitive advantage in your market, build a strong leadership team, acquire loyal customers, and predict sustainable outcomes

Join Growth Stage Tech and experience benefits that include:

  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Exclusive programming aligned with growth and expansion stages
  • Scalable, accessible, and time-tested advice and support
  • Connections to a wide range of resources




Beginning on December 11th, 2017, Founders’ Circle member services will include:

  • A one-on-one 30 minute onboarding call 
  • Complimentary 30 minute mentor sessions (for members only) with one of our many vetted experts
  • Marketing/PR for vetted professional service experts
  • Expanded network and connections to prospective customers, influencers, financing, investors
  • Monthly 50 minute members-only Virtual Online  Q & A sessions with experts on key scaling issues
  • In-Person Meetings:
    One monthly members-only professional development meeting/workshop (corporate partners from your target audience included). Note: one invited guest allowed
    Monthly fee-based Fueling Growth sessions with entrepreneur-vetted experts that anyone can attend.
    Guest spot opportunities on Intellectualradio.com radio show, 50 Shades of Business with Lynn Miller. Listen to one of our shows
  • Members Only Meetings (save the dates):

       Jan 9th 1st Member Meeting Dinner- Topics Topics:  Elevate your Leadership & Build a Sales Culture

       Feb 13th Member Meeting Light Breakfast – Topic  Traction: Workshop for Entrepreneurial Operating System        

       March 13th TBD

Fueling Your Business (open to all) Thursdays 8:00-10:00AM
1. Jan 18 – Based on needs and requests of current members
2. Feb 15
3. March 15


Quarterly Workshop


  • March 6-8 SAVE THE DATE. details to follow
  • The price for membership is $1,000.00 per Year.