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Committed to Accelerating Success for Women Tech Founders, CEOs and Leaders

Growth Stage Tech is here to help you manage your transition from early stage to growth stage

  • Peer-to-peer learning about successes and challenges
  • Exclusive programming aligned with growth and expansion stages
  • Connect with a wide range of resources and support

Women CEOs will benefit from an ecosystem that dramatically accelerates their growth and reduces the time, cost and pitfalls associated with reliably achieving critical business goals.

Women founded 9 million privately held companies generating $1.4 trillion in revenue and 7.8 million people were employed—an all-time high. (A 2016 study by the Kauffman Foundation)

In 2016 women raised 2.19% of venture capital funding—the lowest percentage of funding in the past five years.

Women in Growth Stage Tech was founded to turn this trend around by forming a nationwide ecosystem for founders and CEOs


THINK TANK 2.0 Fueling your Company for Hyper-Growth


How Founders Build and Scale Sustainable Companies

Why Should you Attend Think Tank 2.0?

Women in Growth Stage Tech is a vibrant community of founders that accelerates and promotes growth for all women-founded tech companies through connections, reach and partnerships.

Think Tank 2.0, the only place where Women at Growth Stage Connect with Women at Expansion Stage.

Featuring Round Table and Panel discussions, Workshops with successful leaders that will cover critical challenges growth stage companies face. Walk away learning how to:


  • Create traction that leads to growth
  • Assemble the perfect team for your company
  • Be an effective and inspiring leader
  • Scale your company from an entrepreneurial start-up to a $20M success story

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