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Fueling your Company for Hyper-Growth How Founders Build and Scale Sustainable Companies.

Women in Growth Stage Tech share a common commitment with men, to support founders achieve their full economic potential.


Who Should Attend:  Women Founders who are scaling their businesses beyond $10M++

Affordable access to peers, mentors and successful serial entrepreneurs can help grow the average women founded tech companies to $10 million–let’s “add a zero” to every woman’s company.


Think Tank 2.0, where Women Founders at Growth Stage have affordable, accessible, and available access to peers, mentors, and successful serial entrepreneurs.

When:  November 13, 2017 12:30 to 7:00 p.m
November 14, 2017 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m

Where: W Chicago-Lakeshore

Success of this Think Tank Initiative will be measured by the number of companies who grow by 10x over the next five to ten years — we call this “Adding a Zero.”

This conference will touch on each area of business that is critical to hyper-growth, including:

  • Targeted market readiness and competitiveness
  • Customer Attraction, Acquisition and Expansion
  • Financing and capital
  • Scaling the Operations for Growth

Collaboration between women and men is critical to our success and will be a message we communicate during this event and in all events.  The next action to take is to register and attend, sponsor us, or become a Founding Circle member.

Now is the time to fuel your company for hyper-growth!

Link to Agenda

Host and CEO: Lynn Miller, Founder/CEO Women in Growth Stage Tech
Director of Programs and Membership:Elizabeth Potter, Women in Growth Stage Tech

Speakers and Panelists

  • Parissa Behnia, CEO and Business Whisperer, Sixense Strategy
  • Coco Brown, Founder, CEO, Athena Alliance
  • Melanie De Caprio, Founder/ President, New Sky Strategies
  • Laura Dribin, Founder/CEO, Peritius Consulting
  • Dima Elissa, Founder/CEO, VisMed-3D
  • Joseph Flanagan, Chairman/CEO, Acquirent
  • Linda Ginac, Founder/CEO, TalentGuard
  • Mary Lou Giustini, Founder, CEO Invessence
  • Lisa Gutierrez, HR Partner, IBM
  • Michael Hahn, Culture Transformation Leader and Author, Allstate
  • Susan Harrington, CEO, Idealine, Inc
  • Samara Mejia Hernandez, MATH Ventures
  • Sandee Kastrul, Founder/CEO, i.c. stars
  • Carl Kutsmode, Partner, TalentRise
  • Rob Loewer, CFO/COO, Early Growth Financial Services
  • Linda Mallers, CEO/President, FarmLogix
  • Ann Marie, General Partner/ Managing Director, VUE Ventures, LLC
  • Jennifer Marszalek, Chief Talent Officer, Havas Chicago Village
  • Silvija Martincevik, VP and General Manager – Health, Beauty & Wellness | GROUPON
  • Marcia Morales-Jaffe, Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Co.
  • Kristy Nittskoff, CEO, Talent-Savvy
  • Mona Pearl, Founder/COO, ActionMarketingGroup, Inc.
  • Linda Reese, Founder/CEO of LeaderOnboarding
  • Linda Petchenik, Founder / President, Growthlines, Inc.
  • Jon Repka, Director of Growth, Paro.io
  • Patty Riskind, COO, SimNext
  • Tammy Schuring, VP of WW Sales, Micro Focus for Data Security
  • Todd Smart, President, Chicago Traction Center
  • Sarah Somers, Managing Director, Romar Capital
  • Leslie Vickrey, Founder/CEO, ClearEdge Marketing
  • Robin Wilson, Social Success Manager, W Chicago-Lakeshore Platinum Sponsor
  • Kristi Zuhlke, Co-Founder/CEO of KnowledgeHound