We Promote Engaging Customer-Centric Cultures

Women in Growth Stage Tech is a professional organization focused on providing post-revenue members with a scalable ecosysem and community for peer-to-peer networking, mentoring and learning for mid-market and growth stage companies.

We recognize that access to funding is critical at the right point in time, and, that securing fuding will not guarantee success. Our post-revenue programs are designed to provide access for all women tech founder members, including those who bootstrap and are funded through customers.


We provide founders and CEOs with the insights, mentoring, training and support to prepare for common challenges and pitfalls while working more effectively to accelerate the pace and rate of success.


Support from the insider’s view

Preparing for the blindspots

Proactive plans that keep you one step ahead

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Are you frustrated, and yet excited? Are you overworked, and yet bursting with ideas? Are you exhausted, and yet energetic? (Okay, “energetic” is perhaps a little strong but you get my drift). As a female founder working to scale your company, you feel all...

Women in Growth Stage Tech 2020

Women CEOs in Growth Stage Tech are energized and ready to take action! For the conclusion of our June 7th Think Tank and Learning Exchange at Catalyst Ranch in Chicago, we turned the meeting over to our 50 attendees who spent the last 30 to 45 minutes contributing...